Choosing Threads and Stitches

Choosing Threads and Stitches

Thursday, May 31, 2018


Pat Thompson


  1. Archival Garment Storage Boxes from The Container Store
    15 Jan, 2019
    Storing Needlepoint
    Now that the holidays are over, it's time to think about how to store your needlework treasures until next year. Needlework should be stored away from direct light, extreme temperatures, dirt and bugs. This may mean that the attic and the basement may not be the best storage location. The best way to store your needlepoint is to loosely wrap them in acid free tissue paper and store them in archival, acid free storage boxes. Regular tissue paper contains acid that may come off on the fibers and
  2. The Cobblestone Stitch
    15 Jan, 2019
    The Cobblestone Stitch
    Sample stitched by Linda Estrin
  3. Common Needle Types
    01 Oct, 2018
    Almost Everything You Wanted To Know About Needles
    Learn about common needle types, sizes, and uses!
  4. Snow Stitch
    31 May, 2018
    Snow Stitch
    This month Share A Stitch comes from my friend Robin King. It is a bargello-type stitch such that if you get the first row in right, it's a piece of cake after that. This stitch can be used not only for snow but would work well for mountains or a sky. You could also turn it 90 degrees for a different effect. We used two different threads in the piece: Petite Sparkle Rays and Petite Frosty Rays. Any combination of threads would work to create wonderful snow.
  5. An example of Helen's Lace Variation
    03 Apr, 2018
    Helen's Lace and Variations
    Learn Helen's Lace and Variation stitch and uses.
  6. Beginning and Ending Stitches
    03 Apr, 2018
    Beginning and Ending Stitches
    When stitching, it is important that your beginning and ending threads are secure.